“Play Your Part” Art Exhibition
December 4th-10th 2019

Tenri, Japan Culture Center
43 W 13th St, New York, NY 10011

Opening Night in the Masquerade Style – December 4th, 6 – 8hm
Fashion Show December 4th, 7 – 7:30 pm

Closing Night with live music – December 10th, 7 -9 pm
Concert – December 10th, 8:15 – 9 pm


Olga Banartsev, Alex Ag, Armine Bozhko, Vladimir Deming, Elena Dobrovolskaya, Miroslav Duzinkevich, Vasyl Kadar, Marina Kalinovsky, Kira Koktysh, Yelena Lezhen,  Lidia  Mikhaylova, Anna Miklashevich, Olga Nenazhivina, Viktoriya Rakhmanova, Petro Smetana, Ruslan Tremba.
Curator – Tatyana Borodina

Art by Olga Nenazhivina

Oh, that great Shakespeare! How difficult it is not to quote his famous phrase!

Indeed, the world is our stage and we are merely players in this theater of life. Sometimes we enjoy the role we’ve been assigned, and other times we try altering it or rewriting a whole passage. In addition to the fact that everyone plays their roles, we are also all partners in this complex and fascinating play of life. Our destinies intertwine and influence each other. Even a small event can change the course of action of the “play”, not to mention such a significant event as an art exhibition or the three-year anniversary of the establishment of International Art Alliance, that we are excited to celebrate this event with our guests.

With the amount of energy and emotion poured into a single work of art, just imagine the sheer power harnessed when several of them are brought together. What role can art play, if we let it enter our lives? We want the “PLAY YOUR PART” exhibition to be a doorway into the magnificent world of art to our guests.

In anticipation of the holiday season, the curators hope to send a pulse of a positive, lively and cheerful spirit that will inspire everyone to play their parts with joy and pride, appreciating all that surrounds us and understand that our roles are not externally imposed on us, but rather our a natural inherent part.

The exhibition will feature works of contemporary art by famous American and Eastern European artists. Innovative techniques and traditional painting, vivid still lives, landscapes and portraits, conceptual photography and mirrored images, Chinese drawing and Japanese graphics, collage, ceramics and designer jewelry invite the visitors to become part of the art. And the cherry on the cake – a festive fashion show showcasing all the newest holiday season trends and accessories. 

International Art Alliance curators always take a creative and innovative approach for exhibitions. This time is no different so the guests and participants can expect a few surprises!

To please our guests, we decided to arrange the Opening Night in the Masquerade Style. We will be happy if guests will be wearing a carnival masks or other holiday accessories.  International Art Alliance has prepared gifts for the first 30 guests of the exhibition. It will be wonderful masquerade masks.

Natalia Newman will perform new poem “Unscripted Life”, written for Play Your Part exhibition.

The exhibition will also be formed specially for the holiday season In addition to the usual opportunity to purchase everything presented at the exhibition, we will create a Holiday Wall displaying original artwork at special prices, which, in our opinion, will pleasantly surprise the visitors. This Holiday Wall will be something of an incentive and a present from the curators and the artists for the emerging art collectors and art lovers. We hope it will allow our guests to find great holiday gifts for themselves and their loved ones.

Another pleasant surprise is the closing reception, held on December 10th, dedicated to the three-year anniversary of International Art Alliance that will bring together the project participants and partners, artists and friends of International Art Alliance. 

The reception will involve a concert, a fashion show, and poetry reading by Natalie Newman all accompanied by wine and light snacks.

Taking part in the concert are famous New York musicians. 

Part 1.

Larissa Grabois, vocal, piano,

Eleanor Osmanoff, piano.

Waltz No. 2 in C Minor- D. Shostakovich . Performed by Eleanor Osmanoff

Russian Romances, vocals by Larissa Grabois/piano accompaniment by Eleanor Osmanoff

Я помню чудное мгновенье (I Recall Our Wondrous Moment)-M. Glinka/A.S. Pushkin

Хотел бы в единое слово (I Should Like in a Single Word)-P.I. Tchaikovsky/L. Mei 

Очи чёрные (Dark Eyes)-Russian Gypsy Folk Song 

On Piano (performed by Larissa Grabois)

Two Guitars (Две Гитары)-Russian/Gypsy Traditional concert version

French Pop Chanson

Sous Le Ciel De Paris- by Giraud/Drejac, made famous by E.Piaf/Y. Montand 

L’Histoire D’un Amour- by C.E.Almaran, made famous by Dalida

Part 2.

Niko Znahar – vocal
Ivan Filipchyk -piano, accordion

Aria of Mister X from operetta “The Princess of the Circus” by Emmerich Kalman.

“I’m Don Quixote” from the musical “The man of La Mancha” by Mitch Leigh.

“Song of the Volga Boatmen”-Russian Folk Song.