The triumph of color. Riot of colors, the splendor of drawings and perfection of forms inspired by the American designers to create a cheerful, extravagant and a bit frivolous collection Spring-2012. (Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, New York, February 2012)

[quote style=”boxed”]Shows were full of intriguing proposals and bold decisions – it is obvious that a new style require treat clothes more playful and inventive. Take a look at your outfit with a sense of humor,listen to your inner voice and natural eccentricity, forget about the mundane combinations – this approach will create your own original style.

It’s time to be bold, often ask yourselves a question: “Why don’t you?”
– advised the New York designers.



White is the favourite of Spring-Summer 2012. And the forecast is clear – we are expecting a bright summer. What could be brighter than white color in the rays of summer sun! Probably, that’s why in each designer’s collection of dresses stood out white, darkening the splendor of the bright colors.












It allows you to pay attention to the elegance of style, sophistication of lines, original solutions, it also allows you to stress sexy shapes or unique femininity.












In the fountains of ultraviolet. Color – the key word to solving style: Forget about the half-tones, and often remember a rainbow and fruit sorbet; as a result, you just can not go wrong with a choice – fashion dictates bold saturated colors.

Combine incongruous:hot pink with neon yellow, orange with purple, blue or turquoise green. It turns out that these colors constitute perfect partners. Go to the end of your daring experiment, defeating the color of your costume by your makeup. Blue or green lipstick and nail polish are the important elements of the modern way.

Prints. A variety of prints excites imagination and delights your eyes: from romantic floral, geometric and clear ethnic to abstract unbridled fantasies.

In the summer season there is complete freedom of choice: you can enjoy the opportunity to feel like a queen of flowers, wearing a dress a la flower bed, you can plunge into the dreams of long journeys, choosing clothes with an ethnic ornaments, as well as immerse yourself in the serene freedom from the lightest fabric dress with an abstract pattern.

Shapes. Modern silhouettes allow you to select everything dear to your heart, and perfect for your figure, from tight, emphasizing all its advantages to free and just hinting at what is hidden from view.The length also leaves the possibility to hide and to show, but more and more tends to moderate modesty. You can get an impression that American designers are inclined to elegant simplicity through complex design and cut. Minimalism maintains its position, but takes the form of new and original – a dull and restrained name for it is now impossible.

Dresses. Dresses are again in the lead, pushing into background even liked by all the “hot” mini-shorts. Today’s world provides an opportunity to dress and to look like a true lady – unique and original in every situation.  For your choice: gowns for evening reception or an open air picnic, mini-babydoll-dresses for parties with friends or theater performances, 50s style dresses – “a la Elvis Presley’s girlfriend” for the opening events and presentations and finally, classic dresses – for all occasions.

Pants.Diversity in the choice of pants is just pleasing. Tights and ultranarrow trousers now is not a dogma, they leave room for a variety of other options: slightly flared towards the bottom, straight from the hip or wide, narrowed to the bottom and layered at the waist, classic men’s, pajamas, and finally culottes. Moreover, in all styles preferred shorter length – up to the ankles.

Fabric. Fabric – light and flowing: silk, chiffon, crepe georgette, in general, all of what is easy and pleasant to move and even dance. But the hit of the season – knitted jersey. In the early 20th century, Chanel was the first one dared to apply the jersey for women’s clothing, and since then, for more than 100 years, ladies around the world enjoy comfort and femininity of the fabric that is so popular in the new season. Once again new textures and modern technology attracted attention of designers to the jersey and the bold cutting-edge solutions, plus, an elegant retro items allowed to create out of it eye-popping costumes and dresses.

Lovely stuff.  Embroidery, lace, fringe and edges, as well as ornamental jewelry and clothing decoration adds an original accent. A massive metal jewelry and gemstones along with ethnic necklaces complete intriguing modern image. The season’s new accessory is a long pearl necklace, dressed over shoulder – the way we usually carry purses. Wide-brimmed hats remain fashionable. Preferred belts are thin, doubled and in  contrasting colors. Bracelets emphasize thin wrist by its size and quantity.

Photography and text by Tatyana Borodina

The material has been published in Natalie Magazine 12/2011
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