Poetry by Natalia Newman
dedicated to exhibition “Plasticity of Motion”

February, 2019New York

Photos by Mariya Andriichuk and  Dariya Tishchenko-Zhuravel


Before you open dreaming eyes,

Before the very first of times

Of being born, you drift inside

your mother’s ocean,

Where light and free, in a stirring world,

Exploring subtle wind and turn,

You’re getting ready for the stage

of endless motion.


You crawl to walk, and walk to run,

Euphoric happiness in one,

A mere effort of a hand,

of reaching higher,

The self-instilling act of truth,

Of beauty in a simple move –

A part of universal art,

and space entire.


Your body in a cosmic dance

Perfected by a graceful stance,

Infused with love of ancient souls

from all dimensions.

Plasticity of daring dreams

Is framing us into the beings,

As artists of the infinite ascension.


Perfection is an artful way,

To feel and think, to do and say,

Accept to be the best you can aspire,

So you can move through calm and storm,

Creating pure dance and form,

To let the vision come to life

and to inspire.