Пушкинское общество Америки – старейшая организация, созданная в 1935 году, приглашает вас 30 июня на Арт гала – фестиваль: “Метаморфозы снов: из прошлого в будущее” –  выставка и концерт, посвящённые 218-летию со дня рождения А. С. Пушкина, праздник Русской-Американской культуры.

В прошлом году в Пушкинском обществе Америке сформировался коллектив замечательных художников, которые под руководством арт- директора Елены Иосилевич разработали план будущих интересных проектов.

Идея наших проектов привлечь как можно больше внимание людей разных национальностей к русской культуре и культуре в целом. Познакомить аудиторию не только с классическим жанром живописи, поэзии и музыки, а также показать новые концепции, направления в искусстве.

30 Июня мы открываем сезон “Месяц Пушкина. Фестиваль Русской-Американской культуры”. Мы планируем проводить этот  фестиваль ежегодно. В мероприятии примут участия как русскоговорящие так и американские художники, музыканты и писатели работающие в разных жанрах” –  сообщает Елена Иосилевич.

Кому-то снится прошлое с его ностальгией по молодости, кому-то занимательно прочертить перспективу в будущие миры. Такие философские и культурологические изыскания ведут в своих мастерских наши художники и музыканты, профессионалы и любители прекрасного, признанные поэты и начинающие авторы. За годы своей многолетней истории общество имени Пушкина сумело объединить творческих людей разных поколений.  “Метаморфозы снов: из прошлого в будущие”- это идея единства творческих людей, выражение мыслей и чувств  философа и мечтателя, совокупность традиций и инноваций. Найти информацию о художниках можно на сайте www.americanpushkinsociety.com/art-gallery


Елена Иосилевич  (арт директор)

Александр Гарбер (Alex Ag)

Александр Шабатинас

Елена Кимельблат

Евгений Тоневитский и Марина Бозин

Нина Косман

Сергей Голошапов

Музыканты и оперные певцы:

Наталья Медведовская, пианист (музыкальный директор)

Адам Кляйн, тенор

Зоя Грамажин, сопрано

Елена Миндлина, сопрано

Наталья Новитская, меццо-сопрано.


Приходите  на встречу в галерею Восточного искусства по адресу: Tenri Cultural Center and Gallery, 43 West 13th Street, New York.

Начало в 6 часов вечера.

Стоимость билета $20

Члены Пушкинского общества $10

Билеты можно приобрести заранее на  сайте www.americanpushkinsociety.com .


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About the Artists:

Yelena Kimelblat

Born in Kiev, Ukraine, Yelena never formally learned how to paint. Yelena Kimelblat started to paint in
2008 and art became a means for Yelena to share with others her vision of life. Yelena does not call
herself an artist. She is “a woman, who paints”. Yelena is avoiding any identification, any, even the most
pretty labels. She was not afraid to look inside herself – into the void, where you can perish or get
everything. Yelena got everything – she started to paint.
Yelena: “I never painted before in my life and couldn’t even imagine that I would start. The root of my
creativity stems from a desire to live a long life free from unhappiness, awe before the awesome beauty
of the natural world and the desire to include this beauty within my own life and say to others “I see it
this way!”


Sergei Goloshapov
Sergei Goloshapov, a Moscow born artist, has rocketed to the top echelon of traditional
printmakers and book illustrators during his senior years at Moscow Polygraph
Institute, the renown (ed) Russian art school. Many of the best 20th centur y avant
guard artists have taught there developing the glorious tradition of Constructivism, the
rich early post revolution style in art and architecture.
During his years in Russia Sergei has produced a huge body of work including
numerous book illustrations, etchings, paintings in oil, and works on paper .
In 1991 Sergei moved to New Y ork where he continued to work on illustrated books
for children (North-South Publishing). The most important were two outstanding
books of Grimm Brothers tales. Later on he created a linocut print series for The
Selected Short Stories of Honore de Balzac. Some of the prints are presented here.
Recently Sergei was involved in (delete to) a major theatre project – The Spiderman on
Broadway – currently running at Foxswoods Theatre on 42nd Street in New Y ork.
He was responsible for the entire cityscape rendering.
Presently Sergei is back to his printmaking studio working on a new series of prints
and mixed media drawings.


Elena Iosilevich

Elena Iosilevich was born in Kaliningrad, Russia, in 1975. Her family moved to Estonia when she was 15 years old.
Elena studied fashion design at LEX University in Tallin. After the collapse of the Soviet
Union, Elena returned to Kaliningrad, where she earned her diploma from the State Art and Industry College.
It was here that she got her first experience as an art teacher in the local elementary school and
as a stage designer for the school of performing arts. In 1996, Elena moved to New York,
where she studied figurative drawing at The National Academy and School of Fine Art.
Her next project was to start Clarus Art Studio for kids, where she works as an art instructor.

Elena takes her inspiration from the great Impressionists as well as old masters of the Renaissance period, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Titian and Caravaggio.
She is drawn towards the simple, unpretentious and quotidian.

Elena strives to capture the mood and color of the surrounding world through her style and personal vision of reality.
This sensibility is reflected in her graphic series “Love in three colors” and “Adam & Eve Rebirth”.
Each depicts an emotional connection between people, expresses love, passions, and movement as a continuation of life.

Elena believes that observation and creativity, as well as hard work and learning, are the keys to her development as an artist.
Elena is a member of Southampton Artist Association and Brooklyn Arts Council
She currently lives and works in New York.


Nina Kossman

Moscow born, Nina Kossman is a painter, sculptor, bilingual writer, poet and playwright. Her paintings and sculptures have been exhibited in Moscow, Philadelphia, and New York.
The recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship, a UNESCO/PEN Short Story Award, grants from Foundation for Hellenic Culture and Alexander S.
Onassis Public Benefit Foundation, she is the author of two books of poems in Russian and English as well as the translator of two volumes of Marina Tsvetaevas’s poetry.
Her other books include “Behind the Border” (HarperCollins,1994) and “Gods and Mortals: Modern Poems on Classical Myths” (Oxford University Press, 2001).
Three of her plays have been produced off-off-Broadway; one play was included in “Best Women Playwrights 2000.” She lives in New York.


Alex Shabatinas
Alex Shabatinas was born in the city of Kaunas, Lithuania. His current residence has been in New York City
since 1999. Associates members: “Audubon Artist, Inc” (New York), “Society for Art of Imagination” (London,
England), “Williamsburg Art & Historical Center” (New York). He is internationally well known and his works are
in the hands of private collectors from more that twenty countries. His list of patrons include: H.R.H. Charles,
the Prince of Wales; former President of the United States, Ronald Reagan and Nobel Peace Prize recipient
and final President of the U.S.S.R., Mikhail Gorbachev.
Recently, the artist successfully in Sotheby’s Internet Art Auction where he sold fifty-one paintings. This was an
unprecedented amount for Sotheby’s.
Artist Statement: My paintings represent a synthesis of two divergent directions: surrealism and reality.
All of my works are improvisations on an undefined theme.
When beginning a new piece, my imagination takes over and I randomly place my paints on the canvas. As a
result, a new work is born. I fell this way of working is true creativity. It is not the thoughtless copying or
imitation of known “Masters of Brush”.
I purposely do not give any special title to my paintings, only sequential numbers. By doing this, I give to the
viewer freedom of interpretation and the privilege to choose his own title for the painting. My intention is to force
the viewer to get intimately in touch with his own inner reality and find something truly his own.
I like to call this process an “Initiation into the Mystery”.
Everything that is shown in paintings: things, people, places and the spectrum of hues used; may be called
“Subconscious projection”. This is the world of emotions, of a life lived despite the pain of loss and the sorrow
of a happening that did not happen. To say it simply: “this is the life of man and his inner world”.
During past five years I created five cycles of artistic works consisting of twelve paintings each. They are
entitled: “Vision”, “Dream”, “Genesis”, “Dreamland”, “Time” and “Tale”. At present, I am working on new cycle
entitled: “Still Life”, “Narration”.


Evgueni Tonevitski
Born in Siberia, art education in the Rostov on Don art school. Since 1991 year in the New York. Working
in the Fashion industry. Actively participate in exhibitions .
Marina Bozin
Being creative has always been very important to me. My work makes me feel being part of something
much bigger that my own individual self and makes my life worth living. OBJECTIVE :Sketches,
Watercolor ,Oil, Canvas ,Still Life ,Landscapes,Portraits.
Evgueni Tonevitski, Artist, Designer, Member of:
JCH of Bensonhurst Arts Club
The Jewish Arts&Grafts Guild
Salmagundi Club,Adubon Artist,Inc
Williamsburg Surrealism Club
Works shown at: Museum of Contemporary Russian Art. Jersey City, Amsterdam Whitney Gallery,  The Jewish Folk Gallery. Manhattan, Globe Institute of Technology, Manhattan, Kings Bay YM-YWHA
Evgueni Tonevitski is quickly becoming one of the most talked about and fascinating artists in the fashion industry.
Basically, he is the symbolist who works with ink ,pen, oil and acrylic.
Though, his main symbol is an image of Woman, his latest exhibit at the Jewish Folk Gallery “Fly to the Star” depicts
the new symbols the creative master came up with.


Alex AG

Alex AG was born in Moscow Russia and for the last two decades resides in New York.
This website is dedicated to panoramic photographs, which are digitally modified to
reflect different concepts and illustrates altered point of view. The artist believes
that ability to recognize the existence of alternative views of the world is a key to
enjoying art and the future of the humanity in general. Alex firmly believe that we
are witnessing a dawn of the age of principally new photography and art in general
and works on practical and theoretical contribution to this process.